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Welcome to the Circle of Honor, friend..

We hope to build a special place of good times, good friends, with people who remember its just a game. We are glad you are here.

Happy Hunting,

Old Soul (OS) and Bariki, GM's
Circle of Honor
Honor Code    
We Hold Ourselves to a Code of Honor...

1) We will seek to conduct ourselves honorably in the guild chat, vent, and realm chat.

2) We will treat other guild members with courtesy and respect actively seeking to be positive and encouraging.

3) We will act credibly with our dealings in the guild helping others as needed and through our usage of the guild bank.

And in turn we can expect our guild to....

1) Provide a drama free atmosphere of encouragement and mutual respect.

2) Provide stable leadership direction and support.

3) Be a place of good friends and good times while remembering its just a game.

Server Status    
Darrowmere (PvE)
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Good Jorb Soldier

- Bariki
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